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How to Report an Academic Integrity Concern

Reporting Forms


Adjudicating Academic Integrity Violations


Sample Documents


Preparing for a University Hearing


Instructional Resources

Instructors may wish to consider placing the following honor pledge on all exams and assignments: “On my honor, I have neither received nor given any unauthorized assistance on this examination (assignment).”

  • Syllabus Statement

Instructors may wish to consider placing the following statement on their syllabi: Rutgers University takes academic dishonesty very seriously. By enrolling in this course, you assume responsibility for familiarizing yourself with the Academic Integrity Policy and the possible penalties (including suspension and expulsion) for violating the policy. As per the policy, all suspected violations will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Services.

Academic dishonesty includes (but is not limited to):

– cheating

– plagiarism (using another person’s ideas or words without attribution)

– using artificial intelligence (for example, ChatGPT) to complete an assignment

– contract cheating – enlisting a substitute to complete an assignment or take an exam

– aiding others in committing a violation or allowing others to use your work

– failure to cite sources correctly

– fabrication

– re-using a previous assignment

– unauthorized collaboration

– sabotaging another student’s work

If in doubt, please consult the instructor. Please review the Academic Integrity Policy at: https://nbacademicintegrity.rutgers.edu/.


Detecting and Preventing Academic Dishonesty