Integrity Tiles

Any violation of academic integrity is a serious offense subject to appropriate sanctions or penalties. Violations of academic integrity may result in academic penalties, educational sanctions, and/or disciplinary sanctions, and are not limited to the examples below. Note: Any of the sanctions below may have an impact on financial aid, scholarship, or fellowship eligibility, or scholastic standing.


Academic Penalties

  • Requirement to re-submit the assignment or complete an alternate assignment for no credit
  • A grade reduction for assignment or course
  • A failing grade for the assignment
  • A grade of F in the course
  • A grade of XF (disciplinary F) in the course


Educational Sanctions

  • An assigned paper or project related to ethics or academic integrity
  • A written review of the Academic Integrity Policy
  • Participation in a workshop or seminar


Disciplinary Sanctions

  • Disciplinary Reprimand: A reprimand formally indicates to a student that their behavior is unacceptable and that continuing that behavior shall warrant additional, more serious consequences.
  • Disciplinary Probation: Disciplinary Probation formally indicates to a student that their behavior is unacceptable and that their actions are of such a serious nature that they may warrant suspension. The University will refrain from suspending the student at this time, as long as the student meets all sanction requirements. Any additional violations during the probationary period may result in suspension, with the possibility of additional sanctions
  • Dismissal from an academic program
  • Suspension for one or more semesters
  • Dismissal from a graduate or professional program
  • Expulsion from the University with a permanent notation of disciplinary expulsion on the student’s transcript
  • Degree or certificate revocation